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5 Questions to Ask Your Stationer (and 4 Things You Should Tell Them!)

Are you getting ready to start the process of finding a stationer for your wedding stationery? Today we’re sharing some of our top tip when it comes to preparing and having your initial consults with those who you are interested in hiring!

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What to Tell Your Designer

Let me start by saying, a stationery designer can’t read your mind. While it is our job to bring ideas to life and contribute to the creative side of your stationery for your wedding day, it is so important to translate what you have in mind. Here are the top five things we suggest having together before walking into any consults.

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1. How many invitations you’ll need

Not to be confused with your guest count, this number is the actual number of individual invitations you’ll need.

Pro tip: to figure your invitation count out, follow the following guidelines:

  • Any couples, or families with children under 18 get one invitation per household.
  • Individuals over 18 who aren’t romantically involved, but live at the same address should get their own invitation. 

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2. When You Want to Mail Out Your Pieces

Generally save the dates are sent 6-8 months in advance (up to 12 months if you’re having a destination wedding). Invitations traditionally are sent ~8 weeks in advance. If you have the dates you want to mail out, you’ll be able to make sure your stationer is available to design on that timeline.

3. Your budget

While budget may feel like a touchy topic to bring up, telling your stationer up front what your budget range is will help them give you the best materials and options for your price range. Ultimately, how much you spend is up to you, but being up front about where you’d like to land will give you the best options to choose from.

4. Your vision for your wedding

It’s important to communicate your goals for your wedding day to your stationer. Do you want it to feel extra formal? More intimate? Do you have a theme you’re wanting to stick to? Your wedding invitations are the first sneak peek at your wedding day for your guests, so if your stationery designer has that information, they can make sure any designs really reflect you and your big day.

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5. Your story as a couple

Your wedding is ultimately about you as a couple and the love you share. Rather than getting caught up in the color of envelopes, or whether to letterpress your invites or not, communicate with your stationer about the two of you. How did you meet? Where is your favorite date spot? Do you have a fur baby you love? What is your favorite flower, place to visit, etc.? These details are my favorite inspiration when it comes to making invitations that are truly unique to my couples love.

What to Ask Your Designer

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There are a few important questions you will want to make sure to ask your stationery designer before hiring them so that you can both know that you are on the same page. Everyones process looks a bit different so having someone that fits your wants and needs is important to the success of the process.

1. What does your design process look like?

You’ll want to know what to expect once you start working with a designer. How many revisions/proofs will you receive? How long does design typically take? When can you expect each design proof? What styles does your designer specialize in? What happens if you miss a due date as the client? Are there any fees you need to know about up front? Make sure that all of these answers are a good fit for you!

2. How long does production typically take?

Once the design has been finalized, how long can you expect to wait for the finished product? How will delivery take place? Does your stationer offer assembly/addressing, or do you need to seek someone else for those services?

3. What parts of the process do you expect me to be involved in?

How much work is expected of you as the client? Will there be due dates for anything you’ll need to make sure you meet? How much time should you set aside to keep your project moving forward at a good rate?  All of these details can make the difference between being stressed during your design time, or enjoying it. If you know how much is expected of you, you’ll be able to stay on top of it.

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4. Can you work within my timeline?

If you are working on a tighter timeline, looking for more premium services like foiling or letterpress, or your mailout date for your stationery falls around a major holiday, check with your stationer up front to see what is possible timeline wise, and if anything may need to be rushed.

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Once you’ve met with your stationer for your consult, you’re on your way! Enjoy your design process, and soak up all the fun of seeing your wedding come together, and being engaged!

Would you like to book a consultation with me? I’d love to hear more about your wedding!! Click here to fill out our contact form, and I’ll send you a link to our calendar to schedule an appointment!

xo, Megan

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