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The Top 10 Signs You Need at Your Wedding – Part One

this article is part one of two – see part two here

“What signs should I have at my wedding?” As a calligrapher, this is a question I get asked often by my brides. Signs can be a huge part of a beautiful reception, and can definitely add to the atmosphere. When I discuss signage with my clients, I give them the following advice:

If you’ll want a picture of it, if you’d like it as a keepsake, or if it provides useful information to your guests, you should consider it as a sign for your ceremony or reception.

Of course, which signs make the cut for each wedding is entirely up to you as the bride and groom. Consideration for space, budget, and other wedding planning priorities may affect which signs you ultimately choose.  There are, however, 10 signs that I would list as my top picks, based on my most common requests.

1. Welcome Signs

Welcome signs can vary from a chalkboard used just on the day of to a keepsake thats more durable and can be hung in your home. Depending on whether or not you’d like to keep your welcome sign, consider the material, and the wording. For example, if you’d like something you can later hang in your house, you might consider wording it “Welcome to our Happily Ever After – The Bernards 10.16.16” or using song lyrics or a quote that is special to you, rather than “Welcome to our Wedding” (since that might not translate well after the wedding.) Here are a few fun welcome signs I’ve made for past clients:


2. Cards & Gifts

Although this is generally a simple sign, it is really helpful in keeping a flow as guests enter your reception, and saves you or your bridal party having to constantly tell your guests where to put that card or gift as they arrive. You can customize a card box, or just have a general sign including both.

3. Ceremony Signs

butterfly release sign

For Ryan and Sarah, we created a sign for the butterfly release in honor of her mother

These come in a wide variety, from cute “Here come’s your bride” ring bearer signs, to 1 Corinthians 13:4-8 quoted down the aisle. Signs used down the aisle are largely there for the photo, but ceremony signs can be informative as well. Are you having an unplugged ceremony? Then a sign is definitely in order. For larger weddings, you might want signs indicating where you want people to sit. If you aren’t having programs printed, guests appreciate an order of ceremony sign so they can know what to expect.

4. Bar & Food Menus

Menus are an absolute must, as they assist guests in knowing their options and being able to easily order any food or beverages. If you’re having a sit-down dinner, you might consider printed menus, but if you’re having a food truck or buffet style, a sign can help you save on budget costs, and can be placed directly by the food station for the convenience of your guests. Here are a couple of my favorites:

5. Restroom, please!

This is an often forgotten sign, but one of the most important, I think! Quite a few venues have an option for this, so check with your venue first. If there aren’t clear signs to the restrooms, consider adding a few to your signage for the day of. You don’t want guests dancing on the dance floor for the wrong reasons!

Looking for more sign tips? See part 2 here.


  1. Olivia Smart says:

    I liked your idea to have ceremony signs. We’re wondering what kind of signs we should get other than our welcome sign. I’ll be sure to look into this idea more to see how we could incorporate it into our design.

    • Megan Bernard says:

      If you focus on what will help guests have all the information they need to get around easily, that will help cover all your bases!

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