Mar 5

The Top 10 Signs You Need at Your Wedding – Part Two

This is part two of a two. See post 1 here.

Once you have the top five signs covered, you can set in on the next five. These are a little more specific to your reception plans and setup. Here are signs 6-10!

6. Treat Table

Wedding Cake table with sign

This one varies from wedding to wedding based on the dessert you have, but a cute sign by your cake or treat table really adds to the fun, and makes for great photos, too! This is a great place to get creative with your wording, from the ever popular “Love is sweet, take a treat” to punny things like “donut you know you love me,” use your imagination to let your personality as a couple shine!

The sign pictured was for a romantic boho wedding at The Ivory Oak, and I just love how it finishes off the cake table to perfection!


7. Guestbook

A guestbook sign is a must to let guests know what you want them to do. If you’re doing a polaroid guest book, leave some instructions as to what all you want your guests to do. Do you just want signatures? Advice for the new couple? Leave those instructions on a sign by your guest book! This is also a great place to include your wedding hashtag, since it is one of the first things your guests will see.

8. Photo Booth

Wedding Photo Booth Sign

If your photo booth is off in a corner, or outside of the main reception area, it might be a good idea to give some signage to let guests know where to go. If your photographer is providing a photo booth, make sure that there are clear instructions as to how to operate it!

A photo booth is a great place to make a custom sign for guests to stand behind or hold with your names and wedding date! It will make for great memories, and everyone will remember just where that picture came from!

9. Escort Display

Escort displays are a must if you are doing assigned seating. Instead of having guests try to find placecards on the table, you’ll want to give them an easy way to find their seat right when they walk in the door. This can be in the form of a seating chart, favors with each name and table on them, or anything you can dream up!

National Park Postcard Wedding Table Number

10. Table Numbers

The final part of your escort display is table numbers for each of your tables. You can use postcards, like Crystal’s national park themed tables, a photo from each year of your lives, simple numbers, or flowers pressed between acrylic. Again, whatever you can dream up!!


Beyond these top ten signs, there are endless opportunities to use signage to elevate the theme of your wedding, and really carry your personality through your entire ceremony and reception.

What signs do you think are essential to a wedding? Comment below!!



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