Nov 25

Save the Dates 101

So you’ve got the ring, a date, a venue, and you’re ready to get this party (planning) started! The first piece of stationery you’ll want to get started with is your Save the Date!

Today we are going to cover all things Save the Dates, including:

  1. Why send out save the dates?
  2. When should you send them out?
  3. How much should you budget for save the dates?
  4. What should be included on your save the date?

Why send save the dates?

Save the dates are not required, per se, but can be a very helpful piece of stationery to your guests, and help get everyone anticipating your wedding day! If one of the following applies to you, save the dates are a must: 1) you are planning a destination wedding, 2)a lot of your guests will need to plan travel to your wedding city, 3) your wedding is taking place during a peak travel season or over the holidays, or 4) you are planning a weekday wedding or having multiple days of festivities before/after your wedding.  In each of these situations, your guests will appreciate the heads up so they can plan to be part of your big day! Beyond those reasons to send save the dates, though, it really can be a great way to build anticipation for both you and your guests, and is your first step to letting your favorite people what kind of wedding they can expect from you!

So when should we mail our save the dates?

There are a couple of answers to this, based on what your wedding plans are! If you are having a destination wedding, where your guests will need to have time to plan travel and accommodations, or your wedding falls on a holiday week/weekend, you might consider sending your save the dates up to 12 months ahead of time. If your wedding is closer to home for most of your guests, you should send your save the dates 6-8 months ahead of your wedding date.  Before you mail your save the dates, make sure your wedding website is up and running so your guests can get needed planning information!

Now the fun part…what to budget!

Good news, there are save the date options for every budget! For $2-3 per save the date, you can choose electronic save the dates, or to print ready made/semi-custom save the dates and mail them yourself. Electronic save the dates are better for less formal weddings, but I recommend print if you’re having a formal affair, or have less tech-savvy guests (like grandma!) who might struggle with an electronic version. Don’t forget to factor in the added $0.55 postage per save the date for the printed option!  If you’d like to create custom save the dates with a stationer, the price will vary based on the designer & options you choose, but you are typically looking at a range of $5-10 per save the date, all said and done. This option is for you if you want something truly unique, or want upgraded options like letterpress and calligraphy!

**if you are planning on printed save the dates, don’t forget to check with your stationer about when to order to have them ready for your mailing date! Semi-custom typically takes 1-2 weeks, and custom options can take closer to 4-6 weeks, so you’ll want to plan for that!

What do I need to include on my save the date?

Must have items are: 1) your names, 2) your wedding date(s), and 3) your wedding location.

If you’ll have more than one day you have wedding events scheduled on that all of your guests will be invited to, make sure to include those dates as well, not just your wedding date!

Location should be listed as city, state, but you can add more information to help your guests book a flight or hotel, such as what airport to fly into, if that won’t be clear by your location.

The last item we recommend to add to your save the dates is your wedding website, even if it isn’t all the way ready! Just make sure you have any travel arrangements you have settled, and information such as airports to use, transportation to hotels, and which hotels you recommend so your guests can start planning!

Let me know if you have any other questions about save the dates! If you’re ready to get started, get in touch for a custom quote here. Next week we’ll be talking all things invitations, and then dig into what to think of for your day of items! 



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